Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers 1.4.25 for android

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Description :

Transformers is the latest franchise to be incorporated into the ever-growing Angry Birds universe. This isn't a standard Rovio physics puzzler where you fling the angry avians towards their arch-rivals the pigs. Instead, it's an action-packed and high energy 2D side-scrolling action game.

Less Michael Bay, more retro

These days, Transformers conjures up images of a critically-panned but highly successful movie franchise. I'm pleased to report that Angry Birds mostly distances itself from the movies and goes back to the roots of the 1980s cartoon, complete with a retro VHS-style opening. In it, The EggSpark has landed on Earth and turned the eggs into crazed robots. The birds have transformed into the Autobirds and must eventually team up with their arch-rivals, the Deceptihogs, to defeat the eggs.

A new take on Angry Birds

For the most part, the game is Angry Birds in characters, objects, and name only. Gameplay is completely different to Angry Birds Star Wars or Angry Birds Stella. Angry Birds Transformers is set on a tropical island with levels represented by different locations. Each level consists of running through an area and firing at your enemies until you are rescued by your allies. Throughout the levels you must collect coins and try to take out as many pigs as possible.

As you progress, you can unlock more areas of the island and rescue Autobirds and Deceptihogs. As it is a freemium game, there will be some waiting around for levels to become unlocked and upgrades to be completed.

There's also an interesting social aspect where you can call allies into levels to help you. The game offers up random allies or you can sync the game with your Facebook friends list.

Point and shoot

Although there's a lot happening on screen, the controls for Angry Birds Transformers are quite simple: tap the location you want your bird or pig to shoot and they will continue to fire until the target is destroyed or it's off-screen. Reloading is represented by a small circle over your gun that refills after firing.

To transform into a vehicle, call in assistance, or use a special move, you must tap on the corresponding buttons which are located on the right side of the screen. Overall, the controls are deceptively simple which is perfect for a game that targets gamers of all different abilities.

Remember the 80s?

The graphics in Angry Birds Transformers are excellent. Characters are detailed enough to all have their own unique personality. That's especially impressive when the Deceptipigs are mostly drab grey and green colors while the Autobirds are all colored differently.

The tone of the game puts itself proudly in the 1980s. This is most noticeable in the theme tune which sounds something like a glam metal song. An instrumental version of it plays throughout the game.

A great game if you have patience (or cash!)

Angry Birds: Transformers is an entertaining combination of popular brands that breaks away from the tried-and-true flinging gameplay with an action-packed shooter. Although there's a need for some level diversity and you'll wind up waiting for energy to recharge, the game still stands on its own and is a worthy addition to the Angry Birds universe.

Download Angry Birds Transformers - Version: 1.4.25

Angry Birds Transformers
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Android O/S: Android 4.0,Android 4.1,Android 4.1.1,Android 4.1.2,Android 4.2,Android 4.2.1,Android 4.2.2,Android 4.3

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