AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver

AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver 2.3 for android

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Description :

AVG Cleaner & Battery booster is another maintenance app for your Android. It's debatable whether these cleaners should actually be used but AVG's is pretty good relative to the competition.

Clean your junk and get more battery life

AVG claims its app can save you up to 22% of your battery life just by cleaning your files. I found this claim not to be entirely true. The app did clean my phone of its cache but its battery life savings were minimal, if it did anything at all. 

Cache cleaners are nothing new and AVG follows the mold by helping delete junk files and cached files for your apps. What most companies don't tell you is that cached files are actually a good thing as they make your apps load faster at the sacrifice of taking up space.

It's not uncommon for Facebook and Chrome to have large caches because the apps want to load content immediately when you tap on the app instead of having to download every image again and again. No matter how many times you clear your cache, it'll always come back because that's how app were designed to work in Android

AVG's battery booster works by letting you know which apps are taking up the most power. Android has this feature built-in but AVG makes it easy to disable or uninstall apps causing issues. You can also create profiles for home, office, car, and more, letting you maximize your battery life by turning wireless radios off and by dimming the screen. You can do this manually but AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver makes it easy.

The same AVG experience on other devices

AVG Cleaner's interface is what we've come to expect from the company. If you've used their desktop or antivirus app for Android, you'll feel right at home. Everything is clearly labeled with big buttons. There are settings for you to dig into but they're not overwhelming. 

It works, but I'm not sure you need it

AVG Cleaner and Battery Saver works well but I'm still not sure you need it. Sure, it's nice to save some space on your phone but having caches for apps can actually make your device faster. The app is up against stiff competition from CCleaner and CM Clean Master, which both do the exact same thing, with the exception of AVG's battery saving features.

Still, AVG Cleaner is great for looking up junk files or seeing which apps are sucking up your battery. 

Download AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver - Version: 2.3

AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver

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