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Description :
An innovative program Unexplained 3 embodied the full range of previous studies and functionality of the previous version of the Unexplained 2.0.
If you have no time versed in the intricacies of the indicators of the Unexplained 3 version for you, convenient and intuitive interface will allow the program to easily find out which zone you are.
Built-in intelligent power program analysis indicators compare yourself all the figures and give a fully informed outcome.

Instructions on the program «Unexplained 3»
The sign of health - in this area is very well positioned for the place
sleep, rest and recuperation.
In this area you'll always get enough sleep and rest after invigorated and full of energy.
Nevertheless, this region is not suitable for keeping money and wallets, and also as a working place as This area is too quiet for the money and work.
The money will be accumulated sluggish and even more will not preumnozhatsya, and work will be long and with a small profit.
Sign of Health signed a still
This combination of signs indicates that this area is not suitable for the above mentioned areas of sleep and recuperation.

Sign of the money - if you have such a zone, you are very lucky!
If such an area to establish a safe, money it will multiply.
In this area you can put piggy bank and leave purses that they were charged with positive energy wealth. In combination with the sign of the work initiated by the dispute and the case will be profitable.

Sign of the money from the stop-sign
This combination of signs indicates that the area is not suitable for storing and increasing wealth.

Sign of the work area - this area is suitable for the organization of the workplace.
Cases initiated in this area will argue proceed quickly and successfully.
However, in this area it is not necessary to organize a place to sleep and rest, sleep is restless with frequent waking up.
Rejuvenate in this area will not be possible.

Sign of the working area with a stop sign -
This area is not suitable as a workplace as well as for business meetings and undertaking new projects.

Yin yang - the most favorable area for recreation and health, contributes to the accumulation of vital energy.
Very suitable for meditation and reflection of new plans.
As this area is suitable for rest and sleep, especially for the organization of sleep young children.
However, this area is absolutely not suitable for the organization of the working space and preserve and increase wealth, the zone is very calm, in case it will proceed with the work, and the money and wealth at all would leak through the fingers.

Yin yang with stop sign -
This combination prevents all characters listed above in this plate.

If you have all the signs of the ban fell icon, then - this area is not very favorable.
Typically, these areas appear in the corridors, tunnels and overpasses in the areas of ground currents and faults.

Recent changes:
Улучшен алгоритм получения случайного числа на основе ping случайных серверов

Download Feng Shui specialist in mobile - Version: 1.0.1

Feng Shui specialist in mobile

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