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Tabata Timer 1.1

Tabata is high intensity interval training that follows a specific format: - 20 seconds of high intensity exercise - 10 seconds of rest - repeat 8 times - whole training takes just 4 minutes. You ca…

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Medical Diagnosis Expert System provides a strong focus on the clinical diagnosis and patient management tools essential for daily practice. It also provides a Full review of all internal medicine an…

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StepFit 1.00

StepFit - приложение, которое вознаграждает Вас за физическую активность каждый день и мотивирует двигаться больше! Используйте заработанные Вами Points, чтобы смотреть онлайн тренировки с лучшими ф…

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Sanitas Active app 1.1.3

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for you. The Sanitas Active app encourages you to get more exercise in your daily routine. It counts every step you take, because each step has a positive…

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Aerobic workout for Zumba 1.0.0

Download this Android app (2.3+) to find aerobic zumba exercises and to learn how to dance well, improve your fitness and weight loss. Don't doubt, stay fit!!! If you want to do exercise while you d…

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Odonto System Mobile 1.0.3

Completo para você, o aplicativo Odonto System Mobile promete trazer mais facilidade para o seu dia a dia. Com ele, você acessará informações e facilidades fundamenta…

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The dentists need to be connected in a worldwide network, where they continually learn new procedures and help each other solving problems being ahead of them

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GTroi 0.0.3

Who said workout can be monotonous? Introducing GTroi - The app which will keep you motivated in your journey towards fitness in a unique way. Start the journey towards your fitter self with our exp…

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Crossmanager 1.0

Use Crossmanager to stay connected to your Crossmanager Box from anywhere, 24/7. Manage your classes and make sure you never miss one.

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Paleo Diet Plan Recipes Tamil 1.0

Our team proudly presents the first Paleo diet recipes in tamil. There are very rare paleo Diet Plan Recipes in Tamil so there is not much awareness of Paleo Diet Meal Plan. This Paleo Diet app give…

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