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Description :
PhaBee is an online pharmaceutical database mobile application developed by US Pharma Trade LLC.
PhaBee is world's first website/business and mobile application of its kind holding thousands of pharmaceutical drug substances, inactive ingredients, Impurity manufacturer's records.
PhaBee is dedicated to provide scientific information for the faster, cheaper, high quality, effective and safe drug product development. PhaBee also helps to build the confidence for the smooth transactions for buyers and suppliers by verifying or approving the national and international suppliers as per PhaBee's own strict guidelines.
By applying cutting age computation technology, PhaBee allows its users to access more than 100000 drugs or drug products and inactive ingredients database.
PhaBee is the world's leading information, services and Technology Company dedicated to making pharmaceutical research and development perform better.PhaBee provides intelligence to intelligent.

1. API Suppliers
PhaBee allows its users to search more than 35000 records of Pharmaceutical API. This functionality is totally free to all users. The entire database presented in this functionality is collected from open sources. PhaBee completely understands the privacy of the users and manufacturers/suppliers, and PhaBee is agree removing any database that is objectionable by the users or the suppliers upon request with appropriate documentation.

This functionality allows users to search the “Impurities and Standards” for pharmaceutical drugs. PhaBee allows users to search more than 50000 records. The database used for this functionality is from open source and some of the database is provided by supplier.

3. IIG Limits
IIG (Inactive Ingredients Limit) limits functionality allows users to access the thousands of records of FDA approved ingredients.

4. Product Research:
Product Research provides a basic market research database to users in well fabricated format. This functionality holds more than 50000 records. The functionality allows users to check the number of products present in the market, manufacturers, patents, distributors, prospective products for development etc. information.

5. Drug Monographs:
This functionality allows the users to search the medical information of approved drug products.

6. Drug Database:
Drug Database gives access the records of more than 50000 drugs. It provides the detail information about chemical properties and physical properties of the drugs.

7. Analytical Methods:
This is a paid functionality and holds more than 20000 records. It allows users to search analytical methods.

8. Literature:
User can search literature related to pharmaceuticals. This is a small search engine created by PhaBee which searches certain websites for the literature.

9. Tools for Scientists:
Tools is nothing but the collection of programs or information that is required in day to day job for pharmaceutical scientist.

10. Technical Videos:
This functionality allows users to watch any technical videos available on internet. This functionality uses open source database.
11. Pharma-World Directory:
We are coming soon with Pharma Directory

All this app about:

fda, usfda, usp, ep, bp, emea, ich, tgs, mhra, ip, jp, cp, chromatography, GC, HPLC, CE, UV, DAD, ELSD, LC-MS, UHPLC, RIColumn, C8, C18, Silica, Cyano, Phenyl, PFP, Chiral, Enantiomer, aerosols, capsules, creams, emulsions, films, foams, gases, gels, granules, gums, implants, injections, inserts, irrigations, liquids, lotions, lozenges, ointments, pastes, pellets, pills, sprays, strips, suppositories, suspensions, tablets, tapes, immediaterelease, delayedActivepharmaceuticalingredient, drugsolubility, extractable&leachable, dissolution, cleaningvalidation, polymer, pharma, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, bioequivalence, ADME, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics, pharmabusiness, marketing, app

& much more in next update!

Recent changes:
- fixed some ui errors

Download PhaBee - Version: 0.0.7

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Size: 3149 kb
Android O/S: Android

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