Smash Hit!

Smash Hit! 1.3.3 for android

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Description :

There are days when you just want to smash stuff up. Unfortunately, breaking real sheets of glass is both expensive and dangerous. Step forward Smash Hit!, a stylish physics game where your objective is to smash as much glass as you can.

A smashing gaming experience

The aim of Smash Hit! is invitingly simple: fly as far as you can by shattering the sheets of glass that block you route with metal balls. You have a finite number of balls but amass more as you go by breaking the blue glass prisms that line the paths of the surreal space age environments.

As well as earning more balls, you can pick-up power-ups and unlock special features by smashing enough glass.

When you're out of balls the game is over and your distance is recorded. You must then start again from the beginning and try to beat your distance. If you upgrade to the premium version (done in-app) you can turn on check points, so you don't need to start over every time.

Smash Hit! is highly addictive and has just the right level of difficulty to keep you challenged without being too hard as to be frustrating.

Hitting out

The controls in Smash Hit! couldn't be any simpler. You automatically fly forward and tap on the glass objects to try to hit them. There are puzzle-solving elements involved too, as you must work out how to unlock doors and smash your way through obstacles without wasting too many balls.

Breaking the mould

Smash Hit! is stunningly realised, with other-worldy 3D graphics that make you feel like you've been transported into a sci-fi movie. The animation and physics in the game are bang on, as you'd expect from developer Mediocre Games, which has a great track record for realistic game physics after producing titles such as Sprinkle and Granny Smith. The movement and trajectory of the balls is very lifelike and the glass smashing sound effects are so good you'll be looking around to make sure no one's just put a brick through your window!

The ambient electronic music in Smash Hit! compliments the game perfectly, enhancing the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the game.

Mediocre has been sensible enough to offer three different graphics settings for Smash Hit! allowing you to select from low, medium, or high quality. It looks truly stunning in high quality on a latest generation Android tablet. However, you can run it on an older device in low quality setting without any noticeable impact on the gaming experience.

Hit or miss?

Smash Hit! offers a special physics gaming experience within a glorious environment.

Download Smash Hit! - Version: 1.3.3

Smash Hit!
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