Repair Battery Life PRO 3.97

Batteries, as time passes by lose their ability to charge fully and the only solution is recharge them frequently. With Repair Battery you will Forget about recharging your phone every day!!!! Start…

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Do quick, simple tasks that have a huge impact - like improve the quality of Google Translate in your language, or of Google Maps in your country, etc. Each microtask takes no more than 5-10 seconds,…

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Assistive Touch (OS 10 Style) 1.0

Notice: Some new advance function such as capture screenshot, power popup...only support high software version 5.0 and up. If your phone dose not supported please do not give bad review. Thank for yo…

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Antivirus Security Mobile Free 1.0

Antivirus Security Mobile Free You can determine which apps are high-risk and delete them as necessary, while apps which you trust can be added to the app’s “Safe Apps” list.It als…

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Flash Notification for All 2.0

About new Flash Notification version: Design - Flash Notification have new light design follow material design, so beautiful - Easy to use Notification for all App - You can select app to enable fl…

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Game Guardian 1.2


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Theme for Ganapati Bappa 1.1.2

Worried that your phone is too plain and simple? Make it eye-catching by installing the Theme for Ganapati Bappa theme now! The Theme for Ganapati Bappa theme is specially designed for mobile themes…

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Sparkle +HOME Theme 1.0.0

Bring this glittery star theme to your smartphone today and you'll be seeing stars... In a good way! Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME, the FREE Customization App! To use this theme yo…

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Lightning 1.1.3

Here are the features: -Beautiful wallpaper with creative icons; -Funny weather design which makes your screen interesting; -Plenty of sliding effects for your screen; -Help manage your file and cla…

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إستعادة صور المحذوفة %100 joke

الكل لديه صور تدكارية جميلة جدا لاكن مع الوقت حدفة من الهاتف فمع تطبيق استرجاع الصور المحذوفة مميز وجديد استعادة الصور المحذوفة القديمة و الجديد كل ما عليك هوالضغط على الزر ليقوم التطبيق باستكمال جمي…

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